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Four students stand in front of a large temple in Thailand
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Spring trek combines Asian culture, real estate, and infrastructure

Emile Schachter, MPS-RE ’20 (Baker), reflects on Asian culture, economics, and the real estate market after his trek to Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Students pose in traditional Korean ‘hanbok’ formal attire
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Japan-Korea trek focuses on business strategy in wines and spirits

Students in Johnson’s residential MBA programs traveled to Japan and Korea, identifying international business opportunities in wine and spirits.

A wall painting showing Indian women using a mask to protect from Covad-19, and an Indian Women walking talking in the phone
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COVID-19’s impact on India

EMI intern Srishti Mutha explains COVID-19s impact on the well-being of thousands of people, education, the economy, and the environment in India.

A person reading a newspaper
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How has the lockdown crisis affected startup financing?

Manisha Barnwal, MBA ’20 and founder of a seed-funded startup, discusses the impact of the lockdown crisis on startup financing globally.

A huge building in China
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Open for business: China’s financial liberalization

MBA students show how financial liberalization contributed to China’s position as the second largest economy in the world.

Earth from space with network lines
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The 2010s: A decade in review for emerging markets

Now that we move into the 2020s, it is important to look back over this past decade to better understand how the landscape of emerging markets has changed and what may lie ahead.

Building with written sign saying emergency in red.
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How the health of a nation impacts GDP

EMI fellow Nicole Beck, MBA ’20, discusses the relationship between health and the economy, advocating for micro-insurance in emerging markets.

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Emerging Markets Institute celebrates 10 years.
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The top three most surprising facts about emerging market multinationals

Emerging Markets Institute research assistant Jennifer Wholey shares the most surprising things she has learned about emerging market multinationals.

Compass rose illustration
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EMI at the crossroads: Crisis, contagion, and community

The crisis, the specter of contagion, invited us to think anew and act boldly and bravely, with the imaginative work ahead. Let us emerge.