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EMI Conference 2019: New ideas and new rules as we enter a new decade

Zach Bubolo reflects on the 2019 EMI Conference, which included thought-provoking panels, a spirited case competition, and new ideas.

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Selling Unilever products in rural Pakistan while empowering women entrepreneurs

Mahrusah Zahin, MPA ’20 (CHE), an EMI Fellow, reflects on her time in Pakistan with the Rural Support Programmes Network and women leaders in their communities.

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Innovation in China: A sneak peek at the future

Johnson alum German Peralta, MBA ’17, reflects on his 2015 trip to China and compares the country’s growth to emerging markets in Latin America.

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The United States lags behind China in adopting mobile payments

Mobile payments dominate in China. The United States lags behind and remains loyal to traditional payment methods. Will we catch up?

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Innovative economies: Has China surpassed the United States?

John Ninia, an undergraduate research assistant for EMI, compares innovation in China and the United States as their economies compete for dominance.


10 tips for entrepreneurs from unicorn founder Gang Yu

Serial entrepreneur Gang Yu, MS ’86, addressed alumni at the inaugural event of the Cornell SC Johnson China Council of Alumni.

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U.S.-China trade war: A zero-sum game

Undergraduate researcher for the Emerging Markets Institute Michael Pocress summarizes the history and outlook U.S.-China trade relations.

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Sustainable energy and the State Grid Corporation of China

The State Grid Corporation (SGCC) of China has become a major, global player in sustainable energy over the last 10 years.

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2019 Masters Argentina: 200 Argentine students, 30 speakers, and a challenge

MPA student and EMI fellow Claudia Poclaba recaps her experience in a leadership role at the annual Masters Argentina Conference for Argentine students.