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illustration depicting two hands holding cell phones with arrows showing a transfer of a dollar from one phone to the other
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China’s e-currency is the world’s first sovereign digital currency

China is creating a digital yuan in an attempt to make their currency stronger and more global.

photo of CNY paper bill sitting on a map of Africa
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African debt storm

EMI Fellow Tyler Botzon reports on the global pandemic’s staggering economic implications for heavily indebted countries in Africa.

image of a hand holding a key and text: Key to SME Growth
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Indian SMEs: Overcoming funding challenges amidst a global pandemic

Lovay Mahajan, MBA ’20, shares his perspective on how Indian SMEs can overcome funding challenges in the post-COVID era.

Screen shot of EMI staff and interns in a Zoom meeting
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Student perspective: Summer EMI internship reflection

Vritika Patni reflects on her time as an Emerging Markets Institute intern and summarizes major themes presented in EMI’s anniversary video interviews.

graphic treatment of this text: 10 Years. Emerging Markets Institute: Building Bridges and Encouraging Dialogue

Celebrating the Emerging Markets Institute on its 10th Anniversary

Emerging Markets Institute directors highlight the exceptional learning opportunities, research, reach, and reputation EMI has achieved in ten years.

EMI interns and staff in a Zoom meeting
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Student perspective: My experience interning at Cornell’s Emerging Markets Institute

Meghana Gavirneni ’23 discusses her projects and reflects on her experiences as a summer intern at the Emerging Markets Institute.

Emerging Markets Institute interns in a Zoom meeting (headshots)
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Student perspective: What I learned from my virtual internship

What my online internship experience at the Emerging Markets Institute taught me about emerging economies, the world, and myself.

People walking in crowded street in an Asian country
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The Asian Century just arrived. Now get ready.

EMI undergraduate researcher, Michael Pocress ’21, explains events that led to the rise of Asia and how the continent may define future globalization.

African Continental Free-Trade Area logo
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Student perspective: One Africa

Olivier Tameze Rivas, MBA ’20, an Emerging Markets Institutes contributor, shares his views about growth possibilities for Africa.