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the Great Wall of China surrounded by hills on a foggy morning

ESG performance in emerging markets: China at a crossroads

EMI research intern Juan Pablo Borda Kuhlmann analyzes China’s ESG potential, diving deep into its environmental, social, and governance policies.

a map of the world with land masses in read against a white background
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Geopolitical factors affecting China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Latin America: Brazil and Mexico

Brazil and Mexico have different relationships with China with regards to its Belt and Road Initiative and other geopolitical factors.

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The impact of ESG and corporate culture on company performance

EMI research assistant John Ninia discusses how ESG and corporate culture can have a positive impact on a company’s long-term performance.

gold round Bitcoins sitting on dollar bills / paper currency
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Central bank digital currencies in emerging markets

Chris Goranov, Emerging Markets Institute summer 2021 research intern, discusses the impacts of Central Bank Digital Currencies on emerging nations.

photo of laptop with the Brazilian flag on the screen and in the background, just the right shoulder and left hand of a medical professional in a white lab coat, shirt and tie, holding a stehoscope
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Brazil’s healthcare system: A slow march towards progress

Nick Mitilenes MBA/MS ’21 analyzes Brazil’s possibility of overcoming the challenges presented by constitutionally mandated healthcare.

nine nine case competition judges sitting around a conference table and looking at the camera
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Reflections of an Emerging Markets Institute case competition judge

Ari Betof reflects on his experience judging the Emerging Markets Institute Case Competition and advocates for international-focused programs.

Aerial photo of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with mountains and coastline in the distance
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Latin America’s role in the global economy following COVID-19 lockdowns

Diego Calvillo de la Garza, MBA ’22, discusses the Emerging Market Institute’s webinar on future prospects for the economies of Latin American countries.

Three physicians gathered around a desk
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Is Cuba’s “army of white coats” medical diplomacy or contemporary slavery?

Cornell Emerging Markets Institute Fellow Sunayana Karra comments on the benefits and pitfalls of Cuba’s physician export business.

headshot of Johanna Mair
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Institutional and societal values challenge modernizing emerging markets

Sunny Chai ’24 reflects on EMI visiting speaker Johanna Mair’s concept of modernizing emerging economies’ market structures.