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The challenges and opportunities in innovation for the new Brazilian government

  Issue NO. 26 By Heloisa Menezes*Three months out from the Brazilian presidential inauguration, the explicit priorities, made evident by the proposals sent to the Congress in the first forty […]


Emerging Market Currency Downfall and its Effect on Emerging Economies

by Nicolas Clavijo Emerging market currencies are rapidly falling due to a combination of internal pressures and the end of post-crisis stimulus measures implemented by the central banks in advanced […]


Brazil: An Amazing Taste of South America

by Bright Botchway, MBA ’19 “Obrigado” and football facts were the two main things I armed myself with as I set off for Brazil from Paris to join my colleagues […]


Southeast Asia and its startup economy

by Audi Prabowo , MBA ’18 Home to more than 650 million people spread across 11 countries, Southeast Asia has seen an uptick in trade since the end of the […]


Juan Valdez: An Emerging Multinational

by Nicholas Deaton, Anish Kumar, Nicholas Quigley, Cornell Tech MBA ’18 Juan Valdez Cafe can trace its roots back to December 12, 2002, when the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de […]


A Closer Look at China

by James Tseng, AMBA ’18 China’s nominal GDP surpassed that of Japan in 2010, becoming the second largest economy in the world. In 2017, China’s annual GDP growth rate surpassed […]

EMI celebrates the work of Cornell Tech Fellows at EMI Alumni Day

On April 27th, 2018 the Emerging Markets Institute (EMI) will host the first EMI Alumni Day at the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech. The event serves to celebrate the […]


Where to Play and How to Win: How Megatrends and Country Contexts Govern Strategy in Emerging Markets

By Crosby Fish MBA ’18, Navdeep Singh Cornell Tech MBA, and James Godbout MBA ’18 The subject of emerging markets can be so broad and complex that it is sometimes […]


Will Venezuela’s New ‘Petro’ Cryptocurrency Help Its Economy?

by Carlos Serquen, MBA ’18 Venezuela will Create New ‘Petro’ Cryptocurrency The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced the creation of a Venezuelan cryptocurrency called the “Petro.” He mentioned that […]