Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Brand Visuals


Brand visuals

Bringing the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business brand to life consistently in all of our visual communications will raise the profile of the college in the world and help to strengthen the identity of the college and its schools.

Below you will find information on logos, colors, typefaces, and photography.

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Our logos have been developed intentionally to provide consistency and to facilitate the development of high-quality branded materials. Logos are a major component of the brand, and when used properly, they build and elicit widespread recognition and convey the authentic identity of our college and its schools. The logo designs are not to be modified in any way.

These logos are only intended for use by the SC Johnson College community. They may not be used on non-Cornell communications or without exclusive permission from the Office of Marketing and Communications.

For merchandise use, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at to obtain approved versions for specific applications.

Dos and don’ts: Using the logo

To ensure visual consistency and promote recognition, please follow the guidelines below. Open each accordion panel for more information.

Logo downloads

Each logo is available as a download, below. Each download will include both print and digital files in all approved brand colors: red, black, and white, in three formats: EPS, JPG, and PNG.

Example: Dyson-logo-blk.eps Example: Johnson-logo-rgb.jpg Example: hotel-logo-white.png
Use EPS for print
An .eps file is the best quality file for your logos. These are vector-based images, which means they can be enlarged and reduced without any image deterioration. They can be as large as a billboard and as small as a business card. These files are used strictly for printing, not to be used for web. When you send your logo to a printer or design professional always send them the eps version, unless another format is specifically requested.
Use JPG for web
A .jpg file is a raster-based image primarily used for web and sometimes for print (Word, etc.). This format is best used for photographs on the web. A jpg file does not support transparent backgrounds. You CAN NOT enlarge a jpg file; its quality will degrade and pixelate. You can shrink a jpg file, however, these jpg files must be created with the correct size and resolution for end usage. They can be used for your website and on social media and opened with any computer software.
NOTE: you will not get a white logo in the jpg folder, as transparent backgrounds are not supported.
Use PNG for web
A .png file is a raster-based graphic primarily used for web. These files are pixel-based and cannot be scaled up without degrading and pixelation. Therefore, these .png files must be exported with the correct size and resolution for end usage. A .png file supports transparent backgrounds. They can be used for your website and on social media and opened with most computer software or in a web browser.

Download logos below

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The official colors of the SC Johnson College are PMS 187 (Cornell Red), PMS Cool Grey 11, and PMS 5503. Secondary colors are PMS 443 and PMS 185.

Primary Colors

PMS 187

RGB: 179.27.27
HEX: #b31b1b

RGB: 83.86.90
HEX: #53565a

PMS 5503

RGB: 139.192.198
HEX: #8abfc6

Secondary Colors

PMS 443

RGB: 128.150.153
HEX: #809599

PMS 185

RGB: 239.55.62
HEX: #ee373d

typefaces bar

The recommended typefaces for various applications are shown below. Use of these typefaces is encouraged for body copy in brochures, newsletters, advertisements and other communications for brand consistency. The college’s primary brand typeface is Brown.

Primary typefaces

Brown is the most recognizable and frequently used typeface: a clean, modern, sans-serif typeface that works well for display copy, body text, and everything between. If Brown is not available, Objektiv can be used.* Palatino is an acceptable serif typeface for body copy in long-form print publications, such as magazines or annual reports. Palatino may be used when the primary typefaces are unavailable, but should not be used for display copy.

primary fonts

Secondary typefaces

These typefaces should only be used when Brown, Objektiv, and Palatino are not available.

secondary fonts

*The Objektiv font is available in Adobe Creative Suite. Marketing and Communications has determined that the Objektiv font is very similar in appearance to Brown.
Instructions to activate Objectiv

typeface examples

How to use typefaces

The image to the right shows a sample of how to use the brand typefaces Objektiv and Palatino. Objektiv should be used for headlines, photo captions, secondary headlines, etc. Palatino should be used as body copy, photo captions, etc. While there are many possibilities on how and where to use these typefaces, these are just general guidelines.

Photography header

The college has a collection of professional images that represent the essence of the brand, which captures the human side: who we are, what we do, and how it feels to part of the college, with a strong focus on storytelling. Below are just a few examples of the images available from the Cornell University photo database.

photography example

View Photo Resource