Subchapter S Corporation

Learn the rules of properly electing, operating and reporting for a Subchapter S Corporation.

Last offered in 2018


  • Where the S corporation stands in 2018
    • Comparison with unincorporated
    • Comparison with C corporation
    • Factors to compare:
      • Distributions
      • Type of income (service, etc.)
      • Self-employment tax
      • Net Investment Income Tax
      • Shareholder filing status
  • Eligibility and election
  • Shareholder basis
  • Income and deductions of the corporation
    • Accounting methods
    • Depreciation and other property rules
    • Business interest limit
  • Income and deductions of the shareholder
    • Pass through
    • Compensation
    • Grouping activities (“packing and cracking”)
      • Net Investment Income
      • QBI deduction
      • Loss limits
        • Stock and debt basis
        • Amount at risk
        • Passive activity loss limits
        • Limitation on business loss
  • Corporate level tax (brief)
    • Built-in gains
    • Passive investment income
  • Termination of  S Corporation status
    • Procedures
    • Inadvertence
    • After-effects
  • Case study for reporting


Robert W. Jamison, CPA, PhD, principal, Tax Scopes, LLC. Bob is professor emeritus at the Kelly School of Business Indiana University. He authors S Corporation Taxation, published in annual editions by CCH Incorporated.


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Added bonuses to Participants

Our instructor has arranged with CCH Incorporated to provide one free copy of each of the following to be awarded as door prizes at the close of the seminar:

Current 2018 edition of CCH Incorporated S Corporation Taxation (retail value $455)

Current 2018 edition of CCH Incorporated Multistate Tax Guide to Pass Through Entities (retail value $535)

All participants will receive a coupon from CCH Incorporated that will allow them a discount on the purchase of either or both of these items directly from the publisher.

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