2016 Student Symposium


Cornell Contemporary China Initiative (CCCI), in collaboration with Cornell Institute for China Economic Research (CICER), is launching an inaugural student symposium on Saturday, April 9, 2016. This student symposium will serve as a platform for students to present their research to an engaged audience of faculty and fellow students, hear about ongoing projects from their peers, and participate in critical discussions about the field of Contemporary China studies.


1.       Yuanyuan Tang, Asian Studies and History of Art – Art collection in China (#11)
2.       Katherine Nachbar, Asian Studies & Economics – Xinning Magazine and the Taishanese emigrant population (#3)
3.       Julianne Song,  Economics & Asian Studies – Chinese automobile industry (#2)


1.       Yuanyuan Liu & Lisha Liu, Sociology – Market transition theory (#11)
2.       Li Zhang, Development Sociology – China’s food safety concerns (#4)
3.       Meichang Wang, City and Regional Planning (AAP) – Collective-owned land case studies (#5)


1.       Yiqi Ou, Regional Science, CRP (AAP) – Intra-migration (#9)
2.       Ningzi Li, Sociology – Bond issues in China’s large corporations (#6)