2017 Student Symposium: Global China



9:30AM | Breakfast

10:00AM | Opening Statements

10:15AM | Keynote Lecture by Xiaobo Zhang, Professor of Economics, Peking University

“The Economic and Social Consequences of Gender Imbalance in China”
Abstract: Sex ratios have become increasing skewed in China in the past several decades. There are at least 30 million excess men in the marriage market. With unfavorable marriage market conditions, families with sons much work hard and take more risks. We find that the sex ratio imbalance has stimulated entrepreneurship, push up household savings rate, and bid up housing prices. Meanwhile, the over-competition has caused many negative health consequences, such as depression, work-related injuries, and excess mortality.

12:00PM | Lunch

1:00PM | Panel 1: Policy and Power under the Chinese Communist Party

2:00PM | Q&A Moderator

2:45PM | Panel 2: Chinese Society in Transition and Distress

3:45PM | Q&A Moderator