Deeply Responsible Leadership: The Business of AI

REGISTER for the live panel, May 16th at 2:00 EST

“Deeply Responsible Leadership” is a modern-day realignment within our corporate ethos, urging business leaders to think beyond the sole pursuit of profit and instead towards a more holistic consideration of societal and environmental impacts. The 2024 Lifelong Learning Experience, created for alumni, will address the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society. This year will emphasize the importance of understanding AI technologies and their opportunities, offering insights into the future of AI, dealing with ethical issues, and more while responsibly navigating these complexities. Companies leveraging AI face ethical dilemmas surrounding data privacy, algorithmic bias, and the possible societal ramifications of AI-driven decision-making. Ensuring AI technologies are developed and deployed responsibly is essential. Innovation in AI demands ethical foresight, balancing progress with societal well-being.

The programming includes curriculum-based content presented by our faculty as well as conversations about challenges and opportunities in this dynamic space.

The lifelong learning experience is supported by the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Office of Alumni Affairs and Development and the Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (IET) theme, in partnership with eCornell.

Join us for the Virtual Kickoff taking place on May 16th: Responsible Leadership: Harnessing AI for the Greater Good

REGISTER for the live panel, May 16th at 2:00 EST

In this panel, industry leaders will explore the intersection of deeply responsible leadership and artificial intelligence (AI) in driving business transformation. Moderated by Robert Bloomfield, the discussion will delve into key considerations for developing and deploying AI technologies ethically across industries. Panelists Andrew Y. Chin, Sarah Kreps, and John Wu will offer unique insights from the gaming, finance, academia, and travel industries. The event will underscore the critical role of ethical AI leadership in shaping responsible business practices and fostering trust among stakeholders in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.