Academic Specialization

Food Industry Management is a specialization within the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Students may specialize in Food Industry Management at all levels of degree programs:

They enjoy access to leading-edge theory as well as real-world business, marketing, and management techniques.

Student Opportunities


Food Marketing Fellows

The Food Marketing Fellows is an honors program for students with food industry interests and career aspirations.


Field Trips

Field trips to industry conventions along with case study competitions abound.


High-Profile Guest Speakers

Industry guest speakers and networking are available through food industry courses.

Courses for the Concentration

(all are 3 credits unless noted specifically)

Required: (6 units)

  • AEM 2310 Business and Economics of Food
  • AEM 2480 Food and Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Dynamics

Electives (9 units)

  • AEM 2050 Agricultural Finance
  • AEM 3020 Farm Business Management (4)
  • AEM 3260 Cooperative Business Management
  • AEM 3270 Supply Chain Strategy and Supermarket Simulation
  • AEM 3400 Consumer Behavior
  • AEM 3420 Principles of Supply Chain Management
  • AEM 4015 Customer Analytics and Strategy (1.5 credits)
  • AEM 4080 Innovation and New Product Management (1.5 credits)
  • AEM 4150 Price Analysis
  • AEM 4210 Futures and Options
  • AEM 4310 Agricultural and Food Policy
  • AEM 4400 Retail Strategy
  • AEM 4450 Toward a Sustainable Global Food System: Food Policy for Dev. Countries
  • AEM 4460 Food Marketing Fellows (1)