Student researchers named CHR Emerging Scholars

As part of its mission to encourage student research, the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) offers an annual Emerging Scholar Award that includes a total of $3,500 in cash prizes. Three students were named as winners of this year’s Emerging Scholar Award: Joshua Jeng ’12, Brandon Ho ’12, and Timothy Chen ’13.

The student researchers displayed their research studies at the HEC Showcase, and guests at Hotel Ezra Cornell then made their votes for the best research studies. Based on balloting by HEC guests, the studies by Jeng, Ho, and Chen were selected as the top three. Jeng’s study was on “The Effects of Smiling in Advertising,” Ho presented a study on “Leveraging Customer Self-Awareness through Mirrors to Increase Server Tips in Restaurants,” and Chen’s research was “Hotel Sustainability Measurement and Benchmarking.” For his first-place finish, Jeng received a $2,000 honorarium, Ho received $1,000 for second prize, and Chen was awarded $500 for third place.