Statler Hotel Launches Earthview Sustainable Hospitality Program

In partnership with the Hersha Group, the Statler Hotel has launched EarthView®, a triple-bottom-line sustainability program that will evaluate and increase the hotel’s financial, environmental, and social impact. Professional staff from the Statler and students in the Hotel Leadership Development Program are already working with Hersha’s EarthView team to catalogue what the hotel is already doing in sustainability, calculate costs and savings, and evaluate what new initiatives will have the most positive impact at the Statler. The teams will then collaborate to implement new projects as part of a comprehensive sustainability program that will be rolled out over the course of the spring semester.

“The Statler Hotel has made great progress over the last several years in integrating sustainable initiatives into its operations,” said Rick Adie ’75, general manager. “Through this unique partnership, the Statler will further enrich its educational program while also realizing significant triple-bottom-line results for the property.”

EarthView, which won the 2012 NAREIT Leader in the Light award for superior and sustained energy improvements, focuses on the cumulative positive returns of a property’s sustainability initiatives. Hersha developed the program with the idea that initiatives should not be excluded without consideration simply because the financial returns are intangible. Therefore, EarthView evaluates the financial impact of the full program rather than each initiative independently.

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