More SHA Faculty and Staff Appointments

In addition to the faculty appointments included in this newsletter last month, we are pleased to announce more changes within the SHA faculty and staff.

New Office of Online Learning and Collaborative Programs
SHA is creating a new organizational structure to advance online learning and collaborative programs. Historically our eCornell sales, blended technology programs, and a number of other collaborative programs have been administered through our Office of Executive Education. On August 1 we will launch a dedicated Office of Online Learning and Collaborative Programs in order to facilitate the development of online certifications, massive open online courses (MOOCs), future online for-credit options, blended learning options, and related collaborations. Nancy Weislogel, currently a director in the Office of Executive Education, will be the first executive director of this new office.

Faculty Administrative Appointments
Director of Graduate Studies in Real Estate
Professor Jack Corgel was elected to replace David Funk as director of graduate studies in real estate as elected by the real estate field faculty at Cornell. Corgel’s position began July 1, and he will serve a three-year term. The DGS in real estate is the primary liaison between the field and the Graduate School, with specific responsibilities focused on the Baker Program in Real Estate with respect to admissions, student funding, and financial aid, and chairing of the graduate field faculty and curriculum review committee.

Center for Real Estate and Finance
Professor Dan Quan assumed the role of academic director for the Center for Real Estate and Finance (CREF) on a three-year contract, effective July 1. Jan deRoos, who served in this capacity for four years, will continue to coordinate and administer the undergraduate minor in real estate.

Newly Announced Faculty (see all new faculty for the 2013-14 academic year)
Mary MacAuslend, visiting assistant professor, accounting