REMAC Connects Alumni to Students in Mentoring Program

The Real Estate Minor Alumni of Cornell (REMAC) has initiated a mentoring program that connects recent graduates to current students in the undergraduate real estate minor. Composed of students who have graduated with the minor in real estate, REMAC holds regular meetings in New York City and Chicago. Organized by REMAC members Daniel Mann and Zachary Rosen and real estate club members David Weinstein and Nicholas Bacille, the mentoring program has over 20 alumni connected to over 40 students in its first-round, reports from both sides indicate a healthy working relationship.

As a real estate minor advisor, Professor Jan deRoos encourages alumni to become part of the mentoring program. He said students are thrilled to have the ability to talk to a recent alum about issues related to job offers, career progression, what it is “really like” out there in the world of real estate, and “assistance with case studies.” The REMAC leadership reports that they appreciate getting connected to alumni coming out of the school as they build their networks and move from entry-level to mid-level positions in their career progression. deRoos is thrilled to see this organic effort take holding grow and offers to connect alumni with this program.