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room full of students observe a real life arbitration
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From Students to Eye-Witnesses: Undergrads Reflect on NYC Employment Arbitration

Students recently had the unique opportunity to experience an arbitration first-hand in New York City.

Hiring Crisis
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Hospitality Hiring Crisis: Legal Concerns Facing Employers

Professor Dave Sherwyn of the Center for Innovative Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations joins two experts to discuss the latest issues in employment law.

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Excitement and Readiness Accompanied the 2021 National HR in Hospitality Conference

National HR in Hospitality Conference took place September 21 to September 23, 2021 at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA

Two women and two men sit across from each other at a boardroom table and review documents.
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Resolution vs. Litigation, Debated Among Colleagues

Mandatory arbitration is a controversial issue in employment relations. Here, Cornell scholars debate whether, and in what form, American society should use arbitration.

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Key Human Resources Practices Benefit Franchisees, Performance

The Center for Hospitality Research and the Cornell Center for Innovative Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations publishes the new brief, “Understanding Human Resource Practices and Outcomes in Franchise Businesses.”

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Service workers are getting paid more than ever. It’s not enough.

Professor Bruce Tracey talks with Vox about wages for services workers. logo

Higher prices, longer waits, smaller menus: Dining out in CNY isn’t what it used to be

Nolan School Professor David Sherwyn thinks restaurant staffing issues are thornier than their supply chain problems and potentially harder to fix.

Person wearing a face mask and hardhat works on a touch screen in a warehouse.
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Unions and Management Find Alignment Where It Counts

The pandemic has created workplace safety challenges.This webinar highlights hospitality labor and management working together.

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Roundtable Recap: Biden’s NLRB, UNITE HERE, and the pandemic discussed at 9th Annual CIHLER Labor Relations Roundtable

CIHLER’S Ninth Annual Labor Relations Roundtable explored expected changes from the Biden administration’s National Labor Relations Board.