Access and Affordability

Cost should not be a barrier to a great education. That’s why we provide grants and scholarships to defray the financial needs of great students.

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Financing Your College Career

At Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, we want students to achieve their dreams. So, if you’re a promising student with limited financial means, our admissions and financial aid professionals find ways to help defray your undergraduate tuition and living expenses. Each year, Cornell awards hundreds of millions of dollars to help undergraduates earn the education that’s the first step to a promising career.

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Financial Aid Requirements for Undergraduate Students

We are proud of the generous assistance awards we give each year to deserving students, but we know that seeking financial aid can be a complex process requiring strict adherence to deadlines. Please take careful note of Cornell’s guidelines for your particular situation.


Additional Sources of Financial Aid

Beyond the traditional financial aid options, Cornell offers resources for funding your tuition and living expenses in the form of paid work and loans for matriculated Cornell students during the summer and winter sessions. Please note that your bursar and Cornell Card balances must be paid in full to register for summer or winter session classes.

Summer Session

If you’re enrolled in at least six credits, you may have funding available via work and loans. If you were eligible for a Pell Grant during the academic year, you may also be eligible for grant money for summer classes. Your bursar and Cornell Card balances must be paid in full to register for summer courses, and you must have satisfactory academic standing to be eligible for Summer Session financial aid.
A summer session aid application is required.

Winter Session

You may be eligible for loans for the winter session. This aid is processed as a budget increase within the academic year, and a separate parental contribution is not calculated.

A winter session aid application is required.

Aid for Study Abroad or Off-Campus Study

If you’re interested in off-campus programs during the fall or spring semester, you can apply for financial aid through the Office of Global Learning, an academic department, or approved field study/internship programs. The expected family contribution (EFC) remains the same for the academic year; aid is adjusted according to the costs of the program. The work component for any semesters abroad is converted to a loan. You may sign up for direct deposit through the Office of the Bursar.

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Set Reminders for Your Financial Aid Deadlines

We don’t want you to miss a single opportunity to receive financial aid, so take careful note of the dates that pertain to your situation — then mark them on your calendar, pay attention to your notifications, and observe them carefully. Please keep in mind that financial aid deadlines are not the same as application deadlines, and there are financial aid deadlines specific to the winter and summer sessions.


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File Your FAFSA

If you wish to apply for federal financial aid only (i.e., you do not want to be considered for institutional grants), complete the FAFSA and notify us at This email must come directly from the student — we will not accept this request from a parent or guardian.

Scholarships — Yet More Opportunities for Financial Aid

We offer a variety of scholarships for students with various accomplishments and situations. Check out some of these wonderful benefits that may be available to you.

Scholarship Opportunities for Nolan Students

Scholarships Available to Dyson Students

Helpful Undergraduate Financial Aid Resources

Use the resources listed below to assist you and your family throughout the financial aid process.

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Financial Aid Calculators

These financial aid calculators may help you estimate your financial aid. Please note that these are most directly applicable to undergraduate applicants living and working in the US, based on demonstrated financial need, are only as reliable as your input, and are strictly estimates only. If parents are divorced, separated, or never married, both households (including step-parents) should run separate calculations — the combined results are the estimated family contribution. Contributions of remarried parents are evaluated with a proportional methodology.


Understanding Different Types of Financial Aid

There are many different types of financial aid, and it can be challenging to understand which might pertain to your situation. Take a look at this quick, handy glossary to get an idea of which type(s) might be appropriate for you.


Submitting Supplemental Documents for Financial Aid

Primary financial aid application materials will be submitted through IDOC. However, if you’d like to submit additional materials for the Office of Financial Aid to consider, they can be securely submitted here.


Know Your Application Status

Cornell provides a checklist tool to help you identify what requirements you’re missing for your financial aid application. Please note that this tool will not work for international students (you should be able to see all applicable information through your CSS Profile).


Check Your Financial Aid Decision

If you received a notice that your financial aid decision has been completed, you can view the details of your award package on this page.


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Financial Aid Information for Current Students

Although you’re on a page meant for prospective students, we have information for current students renewing financial aid to assist as you prepare for your next semester or year at Cornell. Cornell also offers assistance to students requiring financial assistance in filing for DACA renewal.

Ready to Apply for Financial Aid?

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the types of financial aid that might pertain to you, take the next step and apply.