Current Funding Opportunities

2023 Request for Research Proposals

The Stanley Sun Faculty Global Research Fund: Solicitation of Research in Support of the Hospitality, Travel, and Service Industries


Thanks to the Stanley Sun Faculty Global Research Fund, the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) is offering grants in support of faculty in the Nolan School of Hotel Administration and across the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business who are researching topics of interest and importance to the hospitality, travel, and service industries.

Funding opportunity:

Faculty conducting hospitality research—which may be conceptual or empirical and may involve literature reviews, comparative studies, field studies, laboratory experiments, simulation experiments, model building, or theory development—may apply for up to $10,000 in reimbursements to cover their research expenses.

How to apply:

To request funding for research expenses, write a brief proposal summarizing your research, in which you specify:

  1. The research question, proposed timeline, methodology, and any data needed;
  2. The contribution of the research to the field;
  3. How your research advances hospitality thought leadership; and
  4. A proposed budget detailing expenses (see budget guidelines for allowable/unallowable expenses).

Submit your proposal to

Expectations and deliverables:

  • The funding period will be 1-3 years, depending on the scope of research and as designated in the proposal. At the halfway point of the grant period, recipients will be asked to provide a brief progress update, in which they may request an extension (with justification) if more time is needed to complete their study.
  • A final report, written for an industry audience, is due one month after the funding period ends.
  • Grant recipients may be requested to present their research findings to the CHR Corporate Advisory Board.
  • Any unused funds remaining after the final report is submitted will be returned to the CHR.


Funds are available to faculty members across the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

Selection criteria:

CHR leadership, industry partners, and staff will review proposals based upon clarity and the degree to which the proposal advances hospitality thought leadership


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Currently, all 2022 funds have been allocated to research projects, and we expect to begin reviewing proposals for 2023 in February.

University budget guidelines:

This list is not exhaustive. If you have an expense that is not listed here, please email for guidance.

Common allowable expenses

  • Project-related travel, meals, and lodging
  • Wages for student research assistants (when budgeting for a student research assistant, estimate hourly wage plus 10% to cover minimum fringe benefits)
  • Fees for participating in project-related conferences or workshops
    survey costs
  • Costs for data analysis (e.g., coding, data entry)
  • Computer equipment and software
  • Materials and supplies

Common unallowable expenses

  • Overhead and indirect costs
  • Tuition
  • Cornell faculty and staff salaries
  • Lab equipment
  • External consultant fees or salary for consultants
  • Wages or travel costs for students who have already graduated