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A group of students stands in front an Uber sign
Johnson BusinessFeed

21 companies, 5 days: Johnson’s High Tech Club treks west

Johnson’s High Tech Club visited a number of top tech companies across San Francisco and Seattle as part of their winter break trek.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

The forgotten benefits of networking

Networking is more than just meeting new people. It offers lessons and opportunities that could impact your entire career.

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Nolan BusinessFeed

Around the world and across the country: 2019 MMH winter externship takeaways

From Ghana to Kentucky, MMH students reflect on their 2019 winter externships, which included research, shadowing, and special projects.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

A year in review: At Johnson, ODI empowers

From new campus initiatives to unparalleled student support at national conferences, find out how ODI is empowering the Johnson community.

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SC Johnson College BusinessFeed

Students share NYC Career Trek takeaways

During winter break, students went on Career Treks to New York City and learned about marketing and finance from alumni and industry executives.

Dyson BusinessFeed

3 reasons to intern at a startup company while at Dyson

Dyson student, Julio López Ramos shares three reasons to intern at a start-up company while in college and advice on how to get started.

An illustration of data and real estate
Nolan BusinessFeed

Prepared to lead: How Jeremy Gilston ’14 found his way to real estate

Jeremy Gilston left SHA with more than a degree. Soft skills and an incredible alumni network led him to become a manager of real estate revenue strategy.

Dyson BusinessFeed

Back to the roots: How small town girl, Cathy Gaffney ’89, became a vice president at Wegmans

Cathy Gaffney ’89 grew up on a dairy farm. She’s now a leader in at Wegmans, one of the northeast’s most successful grocery chains.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

Why you shouldn’t abandon your job search during the holiday season

Ellis Chase, advisor for alumni and executive MBA career development, outlines four ways holiday job searching could benefit your career.