Johnson’s Andrew Karolyi honored by the Eastern Finance Association (EFA)

Johnson's Andrew Karolyi honored by the Eastern Finance Association (EFA)

Johnson’s Andrew Karolyi, professor of finance and co-academic director for the Emerging Markets Institute, delivered the keynote speech at the annual meeting of the Eastern Finance Association (EFA), in Savannah Georgia on Friday, April 15. He also received the “Distinguished Scholars Award” in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of finance.

Approximately 280 faculty from around the world attended his talk entitled “The Ultimate Irrelevance Proposition in Finance?

The EFA’s mission is to advance the worldwide understanding of finance in all of its forms including the management of the association’s assets, providing direction of its annual meeting, and reviewing the operations of its sponsored journal, The Financial Review.  The EFA is a major regional finance association that encourages the development of finance through its publications and annual conference and provides a forum at its annual conference for job interviews for individuals seeking academic finance appointments.