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Winds of Change in the Hospitality Industry

Nolan School Professor Chekitan Dev and Expedia’s Hari Nair, MMH ’02, discuss ten trends changing the world of hospitality, travel, and tourism.

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Small Hotels in Lake George Flourish with Novel Hybrid Approach

Advertising on Airbnb as well as traditional hotel channels creates a new path to year-round rental success for small hotels in Lake George, NY.

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A Case Study on Barbados Tourism: Repositioning a Struggling Country Brand

A case study coauthored by Professor Chekitan Dev centers on the Caribbean Island nation of Barbados’ strategy to increase stay-over tourism.

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Q1 Hotel Prices Show Moderate Gains, Some Declines

Buying opportunities still exist, but momentum is faltering in the Mid- and South Atlantic regions.

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Unlocking Sustainable Hospitality: How Green Bonds Can Fuel a Greener Future for Hotels and Resorts

Corporate sustainability has become as mission critical in business as maximizing shareholder value.

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Case Study: Hotel Il San Pietro di Positano

A case study coauthored by Professor Chekitan Dev centers on how the independent Italian hotel can leverage brand strengths to remain competitive.

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Analyzing Data to Meet Customers’ Expectations

Industry leaders discussed applying analytics to the hospitality industry in a roundtable discussion hosted by the Center for Hospitality Research.

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Center for Hospitality Research Celebrates 30 Years

Take a look back at what the Center for Hospitality Research has achieved over the last year in the center’s Annual Report FY 2021-2022.