About the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise

Global Strategic Leadership for Today and Tomorrow: An innovative approach to sustainability

Established in 2004 through the generosity of Sam Johnson, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise is a world-class academic institution producing and disseminating relevant knowledge for managers seeking innovative, profitable business opportunities which address global sustainability challenges and help transform the impacts of private enterprise on the world.

The Center frames global sustainability challenges as business opportunities, and works with firms to specify innovative, entrepreneurial, and new business alternatives they can implement in the marketplace. Our programs include those focused on market and enterprise creation (particularly in low income communities), clean technology commercialization and innovation, and finance + sustainability.

Applied Research

A global leader in pioneering new approaches to business model creation, the Center actively pursues funded research opportunities geared toward the development of crucial new managerial skills and capabilities. Our expertise lies in identifying revolutionary processes and techniques for the commercialization of next-generation, clean technologies, and business-led solutions to global poverty.


We continue to grow our global network of partners engaged in collaborative applied research  and company sponsored projects focused on strategy formulation and implementation and resulting in practical, operational solutions relevant to today’s marketplace. Programs span companies, NGOs, multilateral organizations, government entities, and entrepreneurs resulting in cutting-edge research relevant to students and managers alike.


Through our innovative curriculum and extracurricular programming we cultivate business leaders who seek competitive advantage through sustainable global strategies.  The award winning SGE program emphasizes rigor and applied learning, and is designed to cater to the breadth of student interest in the business + sustainability domain.  Through real-world, hands-on company sponsored projects SGE students develop a deep theoretical and practical understanding of a complex set of interrelated economic, social, and environmental issues.  The Johnson SGE experience allows students to cultivate the leadership and strategic skills necessary to successfully lead organizations in the 21st century.