The Center is a resource for Cornell students interested in issues pertaining to business and sustainability, engaging students in these issues through various activities and research.

  • Curriculum – Sustainability literacy is at the core of the curriculum. Innovating on the topic for over two decades, Johnson has continued to lead in providing residential MBA students with an ever expanding, award-winning curriculum.
    • Sustainability literacy is a practical understanding of strategic business decision-making in the context of social, environmental, and governance issues including how businesses can incorporate sustainability into their internal strategy.

Our flagship program, the Sustainable Global Enterprise (SGE) Immersion is a deep-dive into business and sustainability. Through the Immersion, MBA students take classes where they learn about sustainability concepts, such as circularity and materiality, and explore how to use problem-solving frameworks to address sustainability challenges in a business context. In addition, students work directly with organizations and apply these learnings to a real market-based, sustainability project.

  • Applied Learning – By participating in company-sponsored projects secured through the Center, student develop the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to take on leadership roles in business, regardless of industry or functional area.
  • Careers – The Center works closely with the Johnson Career Management Center to provide the appropriate resources and support to students seeking careers that fall under the domain of sustainable global enterprise.

Ina Gjika MS '22

The knowledge I gained from researching and building the model for the SGE project sponsor was great preparation for my internship

Ina Gjika MS '22
Austin Blais

The SGE curriculum was one of my most impactful and formative experiences at Johnson. Not only did it build a foundation for innovation, sustainability, and business, it also greatly advanced my teamwork and problem solving skills. It more than prepared me to take the next step in my career.

Austin Blais, MBA ‘20
Sierra Stewart

One of the most important lessons I have learned at Johnson is to let go of trying to do what people expect you to do and focus on doing the things that are going to be highest impact for you personally. For me, SGE was one of those things.

Sierra Stewart, MBA ‘15