Advisory Board

Douglas Beal (BS '89)

Douglas Beal (BS '89)

Partner and Director, Total Social Impact and Sustainability

The Boston Consulting Group

John Bonhomme (MBA '07)

John Bonhomme (MBA '07)

Principal, Thorobird

Managing Director, JP Morgan

Michael Bowman photo

Mike Bowman

Chief Technology Officer

General Electric Global Research

Craig Courtney (BA '89)

Craig Courtney (BA '89)

Senior Adviser

The Global Development Incubator

Gary Guzy photo

Gary Guzy

Senior Of Counsel

Covington & Burling

Ian Kline (AB '92)

Ian Kline (AB '92)

CEO and President

Cadmus Group

Former Board Members

  • Heather Davis (BA ’82, MBA ’87), Nuveen Private Markets
  • Gordon Enk, Partners for Strategic Change, LLC
  • Edward Heslop (BS ’81, MS ’90), Ecovation, Paracelsian, Inc
  • Fred P. Keller, Cascade Engineering
  • Peter S. Knight (AB ’73), Generation Investment Management
  • Benson P. Lee (BEE ’64), Technology Management, Inc
  • Kevin McGovern (BS/AB ’70), McGovern Capital LLC
  • J. Alexander Sloan (MBA ’98), Skoll Foundation
  • Mark J. Worden, SC Johnson