The Center develops innovative programs and projects for diverse companies and organizations around the world.

The Center’s programs and activities serve a variety of partners: companies, NGOs, multilateral organizations, government entities, entrepreneurs, students, and alumni. All are aimed at helping these partners achieve their goals – whether they are an entrepreneur seeking to create a new business for underserved markets; a business leader looking to commercialize a green technology; a practitioner interested in enhancing his network and knowledge base; an alumni looking to connect with the university; a current or prospective student seeking to enhance her education; or an academic involved in related research.

Through sponsored projects companies can explore new opportunities at the crux of business and sustainability such as the creation of new markets or technology commercialization.

Yana Velkova (MBA ‘20)

The SGE program was not only an educational highlight, but also one of the most meaningful experiences of my MBA program. The cohort attracts like-minded peers who are both business-savvy and purpose-driven. A perfect blend of academic and practical applications, the program gave me a comprehensive introduction to sustainability topics, developed my critical thinking in the face of business challenges that go beyond the bottom line, and built my confidence in tackling sustainability problems through a structured approach.

Yana Velkova, MBA ‘20