Sustainable Global Enterprise Club


We support and provide a place for students pursuing sustainability as part of their careers, and a bridge for all other students who want to stay connected to the sustainability community.

In 2022, the Sustainable Global Enterprise Club/Cornell Graduate Net Impact Chapter achieved gold status, recognizing it as one of the top chapters in the 300+ chapter community! Club members participated in Net Impact events, organized community projects, and participated in educational programs to earn over 1000 points.

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SGE Club Activities:

The SGE Club is a powerful resource for students pursuing careers across all business functions. The professional club offers networking opportunities with students and alumni, career assistance, and events aimed at improving understanding of sustainability concepts in modern business.

The club’s education and networking support spans many areas including impact investing, renewable energy, environmental finance, sustainable hospitality, sustainable marketing, and sustainable agriculture in primarily for-profit business models.

The club is open to all Johnson students regardless of immersion or functional interest. Club members have gone into careers in consulting, banking, marketing, energy, CSR and more. Joining the club means tapping into one of the most important networks on and off campus.

The SGE Club is the Cornell University Chapter of Net Impact.

2023 SGE Leadership Team:

This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.