Men gather with livestock in a parched landscape.
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Protecting Livestock and Livelihoods

Cornell dissertations launch a long-term data and economics project to predict and prevent livestock loss and reduce poverty among African herders.

People Cooking Potatoes on Coals
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Dirty Cooking Fuels Pose Major Threat to Infants in India

Dyson School professors Basu and Chau quantify the impact of cooking fuel choice on indoor air pollution and early childhood mortality in India.

Headshot of Richard T. Curtis, flanked by blurred images of Cornell's campus and clock tower.
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In Memoriam: Richard T. Curtis

Richard T. Curtis, beloved senior lecturer at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, passed away June 9, 2024.

Professor Risa Mish teaches in a classroom with tiered seating.
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Risa Mish Honored with the 2024 Earl Hill Jr. Faculty Achievement and Diversity Leadership Award

Risa Mish, professor of practice at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, received the award from The Consortium for her outstanding contributions in diversity leadership.

A couple talking about finances
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The cost of silence: Financial stress mutes couples’ communication

Dyson and Johnson school researchers found evidence that financial stress plays a significant role in hindering communication between partners about finances.

Illustration of a computer generated hand touching a human hand.
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Cornell Keynotes Podcast: Current Trends in Generative AI Tech

Karan Girotra, a professor at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and Cornell Tech, explains the current capabilities of AI and shares newsworthy updates about the technology on the Cornell Keynotes podcast.

Image of Rebecca Phillips, left, a regional dairy processing specialist with Cornell Dairy Foods Extension, helps John and Sammi Collins bottle their new high-protein chocolate milk drink in Cornell’s Food Processing and Development Laboratory.
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Dairy Innovation Program Nurtures the Cream of the Crop

For SC Johnson College entrepreneurship lecturer Ken Rother, Cornell’s Dairy Runway Program is “very Socratic”–a dialogue to road-test suppositions.

Stock market trading floor
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Small stock trades can predict big market changes

Using a metric developed by a research team led by Maureen O’Hara, professor at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, it was determined that fractional trading is predictive of future market liquidity and volatility.

person wearing face mask
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Properly fitting face masks can help block particulate pollution

Research co-authored by Dyson Dean Jinhua Zhao provides new findings about the value of masks that fit snugly around the face and how human behavior affects their efficacy.