Anshul Bakhda, Two-year MBA ’21

Prior to joining Johnson, Anshul Bakhda worked in the hospitality industry in Europe, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. While living in Asia, he held the position of group innovation and quality manager at Soneva Resorts, a sustainable luxury hotel company. During his time at Soneva, Anshul co-founded a social enterprise with a goal of eliminating single-use plastic water bottles from the Maldives. Continuing his interest in sustainable business practices in hospitality, Anshul created and launched a program to replace single-use plastics at Belmond, an LVMH chateau, and their 47 global properties. Before joining the hospitality industry, Anshul worked in public affairs and studied history at the University of Oxford.

picture of an ocean resort outdoor cinema on the edge of the water at dusk
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Sunshine through my window

Anshul Bakhda, MBA ’21, focused on luxury hospitality, sustainability, and strategic business initiatives during his remote summer internship.