Rachel Starr Two Year MBA '22

Rachel Starr Two Year MBA ’22 is a first-year MBA student at Cornell Johnson School of Management and a member of the Park Leadership Fellows cohort for the Class of 2022. With a strong interest in consumer insights and storytelling, she has spent the past five years in marketing, most recently working at a media planning and buying agency as a Senior Marketing Associate. When she is not reading the latest advertising news she can be found at the barn where she is an avid horseback rider, or in her backyard playing with her two dogs, Doug and Clover.

Park Fellows posing in front of mountains in Peru
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Park Perspectives: It’s okay not to be okay

Rachel Starr, MBA ’22, reflects on how embracing her struggles have made her an approachable leader.

The author poses on a bridge while touring an European city.
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Park Perspectives: How a mental shift can help overcome challenges

Rachel Starr Two Year MBA ’22 describes how she found herself in the ‘red zone’ at Johnson, and how she got herself out of it.