Zach Bubolo, Executive MBA Metro NY ’21

Zach Bubolo is the communications manager at Watson Foundation. There, he leads marketing and communications campaigns, produces audio and video content, launches interactive online tools, and oversees media strategies. For the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship, he serves on the fellowship selection committee, facilitates workshops, and acts as a mentor for Watson Fellows. Before Watson, Bubolo produced digital content with New York Picture Company, creating online commercials for brands such as Lays Wavy, Budweiser, and ASPCA. A dual-citizen of the United States and Australia, Bubolo can confirm that the spiders Down Under are terrifying.

A team poses for a photo at the front of the conference space
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EMI Conference 2019: New ideas and new rules as we enter a new decade

Zach Bubolo reflects on the 2019 EMI Conference, which included thought-provoking panels, a spirited case competition, and new ideas.