STAMP Keynote Webinar Series

Sustainable Tourism on a Changing Planet eCornell Keynote Webinar Series

Our Earth is increasingly challenged by the impacts of human industry which have been accumulating since the dawn of the Industrial Age. One transformative change has been the growth of travel into a global, trillion-dollar industry, transporting and hosting visitors across national boundaries to enjoy the planet’s most exciting cultural and natural attractions.

Episode One: The Challenges of Transformation in a Global Industry

What you’ll learn:

  • What will be necessary to achieve a more balanced and sustainable tourism economy in the next 20 years
  • How data-oriented management systems will improve economic, environmental, and social impacts to address the real risks faced by some of the most important places on Earth
  • The ways in which tourism can provide social and economic benefits across its supply chain
  • How climate change will impact tourism destinations across the globe
  • Why natural and social capital are as important as financial capital
  • How to adopt a sustainable mindset

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Episode Two: Creating Inclusive Destinations with Social Equity

What you’ll learn:

  • The ways in which shared value destinations are promoting social equity and the fair distribution of tourism revenue
  • How sustainable livelihoods and land equity can be woven into the DNA of tourism destinations
  • The efforts of conservation leaders to increase community benefits around conservation areas

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Episode Three: Destination Management in a Carbon-Constrained World

What you’ll learn:

  • Insight into whether countries are accounting for carbon emissions as part of their tourism planning programs
  • What we can learn from the impacts experienced in 2019, when the word “overtourism” became synonymous with poor tourism planning and overly rapid growth
  • The current and future roles of destination management organizations (DMOs) in managing tourism growth
  • Examples of DMOs working with smart city and infrastructure planners to determine how to lower impacts and manage growth

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Episode Four: The Skills Required to Future-Proof Tourism Destinations

The destination management and business community must transform their decision-making structures and begin to use trained experts who can guide the process of evaluating how the industry and government can work together to address the impacts of climate change, social equity issues, and the management of vital historic and cultural treasures. These new skills will maintain value, lessen impacts, and protect national assets for both people and the planet.

  • Which skills have been overemphasized in the travel and tourism community to date
  • The new skills that will be required to address climate change, global inequities, habitat loss, and other tourism impacts on destinations
  • How new systems of accounting are essential to tourism economies to review not only positive economic impacts but also total costs of management
  • Why systematic tools to track and monitor impacts will be required to address local needs and prepare for major new markets seeking clear evidence of climate action and destination protection
  • Why using science-based social and environmental accounting can help deliver future-proofed destinations
  • How updated management design for destinations can provide both advanced social equity and top-rated environmental response systems

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