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Photo of a person taking a survey about their hotel stay.
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Research Recap: Customer engagement is the key to long-term loyalty and impact

Professor Anderson’s series of studies examine the long-term impacts of guest engagement upon guest satisfaction, loyalty, and booking channel selection.

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What to expect in 2017: A view from the CHR Advisory Board

Kelly McGuire polls the CHR Advisory Board on challenges and opportunities, global trends, and how the hospitality industry should be preparing for 2017.

Kelly McGuire and Susan Devine
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Hospitality and humanitarianism

Susan Devine, senior vice president of strategic development for Preferred Hotel Group, offers this guest post on hospitality and humanitarianism.

Kelly A. McGuire & Faith Marshall
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Book direct: Hoteliers, you may be better prepared than you think

Kelly McGuire interviews Faith Marshall of NTT DATA on the importance of a seamless customer experience with online booking processes.

Kelly A. McGuire & Berry Van Weelden
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Building a smart distribution strategy

Kelly McGuire interviews Barry Van Weelden, CHR Advisory Board member and senior director of sales strategy and operations at

Michele and Kelly
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The importance of employee engagement: Transforming the strategy for a new era

Kelly McGuire speaks with Michele Sarkisian, CHR fellow, about how hospitality companies can look at employee engagement in a new way.

Mark Lomanno and Kelly McGuire
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An interview with Mark Lomanno: Why everyone in hospitality needs to pay attention to distribution costs

Kelly interviews Mark Lammano about recent research from Kalibri Labs that found distribution costs are rising at two times the rate of room revenue.