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Case study challenge invites students, alumni, and hospitality experts to weigh in

Chekitan Dev’s co-authored case examines options for expansion of a luxury resort. Learn more about the challenge and see how the industry responded.

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Knowledge into action: Preparing the next generation of family business leaders

The Smith Family Business Initiative (SFBI) understands family business—how it operates, what makes it unique, and the impact it has on the global economy. logo
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Coronavirus: How we might restart the CNY economy while keeping the virus at bay

Lecturer Christopher Gaulke, an expert in food and beverage management, suggests ideas for restaurants to open while remaining cautious of COVID-19.

SHA lecturer Doug Miller
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Speaking of beer: A few rounds with Doug Miller

SHA lecturer Doug Miller shares some beer trends and trivia and talks about his course, Introduction to Fermented Grains, Hard Ciders, and Sake. logo
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What makes nontraditional finance nontraditional?

Dyson faculty discuss major farm lending models, the volume of nontraditional finance, and a case study on vendor credit and farm financial stress.

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Research Recap: Uncovering the attributes of sustainable earnings in the lodging industry

Research from Linda Canina at SHA uncovers factors that can have a significant impact on achieving sustainable earnings in the lodging industry.

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WooSox banking on meeting space to keep Polar Park busy all year

Professor Stephani Robson says the ballpark space isn’t likely to compete with traditional business gatherings suited to typical hotel banquet rooms.

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Faculty debate role of business in climate change

SC Johnson College of Business faculty discussed if businesses have the right incentives to address the crisis, or if policy intervention is needed.

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Opinion: Help save the planet by eliminating hotel bathroom toiletries

SHA Professor Chekitan Dev says that hotel bathroom toiletries are an archaic practice, persisting only because no one has thought to change it.