Business Minors Policies and FAQs

If you wish to pursue a minor with the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, please review our policies and frequently asked questions before signing up. While each of our minors have varying requirements, all of them share common processes when it comes to signing up, transfer credits, substitution petitions, grade requirements, and certification.

When you are ready, you can declare and manage your minor here.

Please note that the policies and procedures below may not apply to the real estate minor. The real estate minor is administered and tracked directly with the The Nolan School, rather than the college’s Business Minors Dashboard. Learn more about applying for and completing the real estate minor here.

Credit Requirements

All minors include both a Cornell credit requirement and a Johnson College of Business (JCB) credit requirement. Both requirements are listed and tracked on the right-hand side of your dashboard.

*Effective with the Fall 2023 semester – the minors program will return to its initial (pre-covid) policy whereby online courses will no longer be accepted, with the exception of select courses taken through Cornell’s School of Continuing Education (SCE).

Double Counting Policy

The goal in pursuing/receiving a minor is to gain knowledge that you may not receive through your major, which means additional coursework and minimal curriculum overlap.  Before declaring a minor, please work with your home college advisor to determine whether pursuing a minor is a feasible path for you.

Transfer credits and course substitutions

Minors aside, you should always check with your college’s registrar any time you are taking courses outside of Cornell to be sure they transfer. Make sure you understand our policies related to transfer credits for the minors and always confirm they are permissible BEFORE you enroll in the class—otherwise your credits might not transfer as planned.

Declaring and completing your minor

You can begin working in the Business Minors Dashboard as early as your first year. Use this site to sign up, track your progress, confirm completion, or drop a minor.

Foundation Courses

Our minors require that you complete certain courses before you begin fulfilling the core requirements.  These classes lay the foundation for the minor and should be completed by your sixth semester, typically the end of your junior year.