Dyson Business Minor for Life Sciences Majors

The Dyson business minor for life sciences majors (DBMLS) prepares you for a successful career at the intersection of science and business. The minor’s curriculum focuses on basic business fundamentals and courses that complement life science topics. You will learn not only about entrepreneurship, marketing, management, finance, and economics, but also how these subjects are applied to life sciences career paths.

This minor is popular among pre-med, pre-dental, and pre-vet students. The coursework provides a grounding in business principles that can help you understand the economic environment in which you’ll eventually practice.

The DBMLS was established by way of a generous gift from Dr. Jonathan Levine ’76 and Stacey Levine and Dr. David Levine ’88 and Davena Levine ’88.

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Who’s eligible for the DBMLS?

Select majors in the colleges of Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Human Ecology, and Agriculture and Life Sciences (see full list below).

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How many credits are required?

15 credits (9 must be AEM courses) across areas such as financial accounting, management, marketing, and more.

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I’m interested. What’s next?

After reviewing the requirements below and our FAQ and policies page, you can begin the process using the Business Minors Dashboard.

Current students:

You can manage your minor and track your progress using the Business Minors Dashboard.

Eligible life sciences majors

The DBMLS is open to students majoring in certain life sciences subjects within Cornell’s colleges listed below.  If your major is not listed but you are on a pre-health track or taking significant life sciences courses, you may request a petition form.


This minor requires 3 credits in either introductory microeconomics or macroeconomics before taking the minor’s core courses.

Core Requirements

The minor’s core requirements (12 credits) must be fulfilled by taking courses in the three areas listed below. Please note that 9 credits must be AEM courses. In order to satisfy the AEM requirement, you may end up taking more than 12 credits as you complete the minor’s core.

All core courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. If a core requirement is taken online, it must be a Cornell University online course in order to count toward the minor. Only one core course from outside Cornell University may be applied toward the minor, and it must be submitted for approval prior to taking the course.

Robert Karpman

Featured Faculty: Meet Robert Karpman

Robert Karpman, a professor of practice and the faculty director of the Dyson business minor for life sciences majors, works comfortably at the intersection of business and healthcare having earned both an MD and MBA. Karpman has experience as an entrepreneur and orthopedic surgeon, and he’s served as the chief medical officer of two community hospitals.

Learn more about Bob Karpman