Go‐To Market Strategy

By: Safiyyah Abdul Hamid
Boeing Logo

Project: Airlines have committed to net‐zero carbon emissions growth by 2050. Airlines usage of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) are critical to achieving that goal but currently only represent less than 0.1% of aviation fuel supply. In addition, demand for sustainable fuels from multiple transportation industries is inhibiting the substantial growth of SAF supply. For example, blenders produce larger quantities of bio‐diesel over sustainable aviation fuels due to their high costs and complex requirements. The SGE Intensive team will analyze the market and make recommendations with regard to what would be required to scale worldwide SAF production to support airlines’ net‐zero carbon emissions 2050 goals. This will require developing an understanding of which industries would stand to benefit most from an increase in sustainable fuel production (including, but not necessarily limited to green hydrogen) over the next 15 years, as well as what might influence whether or not those fuels end up being sold into the aviation industry.