Go‐To Market Strategy

By: Safiyyah Abdul Hamid

Project: Sustainability is at the forefront of ArchPoint’s multi‐year business plan. Recognizing its products yield a high carbon emission level, the company’s plan is to draft the appropriate steps in 2022 to ensure the organization leads the industry for paper and plastic sustainability. By 2025, through transparency, performance, and cost competitiveness, the company wants to replace 20% of its current tabletop market share with sustainability sourced, produced, and distributed products. ArchPoint wants to attain a 100% “non‐greenwashed” initiative for these new products, meaning every product they develop within this initiative should attain: 50% minimum reduction of carbon emissions in overall product life cycle; sustainable sourcing from renewable materials; and be home compostable (and marine biodegradable, where applicable) according to ASTM standards. To achieve these goals, the company needs to identify ways to reduce carbon emissions across its entire value chain, including packaging, material, production, supply chain and waste management, to identify opportunities to reduce CO2e by at least 50% versus current offerings. The SGE Intensive team will make recommendations on the best way for ArchPoint to achieve optimal sustainability in the disposable tabletop category while also considering high product performance and cost competitiveness. The team will want to examine a variety of issues, including packaging options for tabletop (i.e., plates, cups, cutlery, and straws) goods; suitable materials for producing tabletop products; decarbonization of supply chain network (e.g., ocean containers, warehousing, domestic trucking, etc.); product compostability; and cost implications.