Strategic Business Model Analysis

By: Emily Xin Ramlochun

Project: PFS Energy’s objective is to produce electricity utilizing biomass, thus replacing fossil fuels as the source of energy. The gasification process for biomass involves the conversion of hydrocarbon-containing feedstocks such as branches, hard grasses, wood and other woody materials, into hydrogen and carbon fuel gases to be used to fuel a generator or turbine. Small-sized enterprises in Puerto Rico require somewhere between 100-200 kWh to operate their machinery, cooling systems and offices. Medium size operations on the island typically require 1-2 MWh to operate. RFS Energy’s business model would provide full service from the machinery to collect/harvest/obtain the biomass to the generation of electricity to be purchased by the customer on their facilities. The SGE Immersion Team will conduct a strategic analysis of the company’s business model to assess its feasibility, including the fuel types, latest available gasification technologies, guidance on permits required under the current renewable energy initiatives by the Congress, and possible spin off applications of the use of biomass inside and beyond the energy sector.