Strategic Market Analysis

By: Emily Xin Ramlochun

Project: The Sustainability & Business Development (SBD) business unit is tasked with navigating the path for Honda’s environmental sustainability goals centered around electrification, carbon neutrality, and resource circularity. Within SBD, the Energy and EV Charging department is responsible for delivering solutions to achieve the company’s net zero targets while generating new revenue streams through electric and energy products, services, and businesses. Building electrification is a central pathway in the clean energy transition. Investing in electrification of existing buildings, as well as new construction is critical. The SGE Immersion team analyzed the market to help develop a strategy to expand accessibility and participation in those programs to all communities, accounting for both short-term and long-term cost impacts. The team focused on opportunities to build and sustain Honda’s core brand values and enhancing brand image and competitiveness in the marketplace which the company achieves through innovating, incubating, selecting, developing, applying, and operating new businesses, features, products, and services with responsibility for their profitability, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction for Honda in North America.