Christopher Anderson, professor

Christopher Anderson is a professor in the School of Hotel Administration.

Photo of a person taking a survey about their hotel stay.
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Research Recap: Customer engagement is the key to long-term loyalty and impact

Professor Anderson’s series of studies examine the long-term impacts of guest engagement upon guest satisfaction, loyalty, and booking channel selection.

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Building better customer satisfaction in a world of technology

Anderson and Martyn explore how customer contact employees can be trained in the “how” of service, especially when involved in service recovery.

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Cornell study highlights the critical importance of brand consistency

Chris Anderson’s study found that consistency within a brand is increasingly important, as compared to location and reputation across a chain scale.

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Online travel sites are still important for hotel operators

Anderson’s co-authored study underscores consumers’ reliance on hotel websites and non-direct channels when researching and booking rooms.

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How hotels can benefit from bad reviews

Christopher Anderson discusses his recent study in which he found that simply encouraging customer reviews can boost a hotel’s ratings and revenue.