Ethan Everett, JD/MBA ’22

Ethan Everett is in his third year of a four-year JD/MBA program at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Business and Cornell Law. Last summer, he interned as an investment analyst for the global financials fund at hedge fund Marshall Wace. Prior to Johnson, Ethan worked as a senior analyst with PFM Asset Management, an investment manager catering to the needs of municipal clients, where he predominantly focused on investment-grade fixed income and alternative investments. On campus, Ethan serves as a portfolio manager and financials sector team leader for the Cayuga Fund, vice president of education for the Johnson Private Equity and Credit Club, vice president of research for the Investment Management Club, and president of the JD/MBA Society. He received his undergraduate degree in finance from Bucknell University and has passed all three levels of the CFA exam. Upon graduation, Ethan aims to pursue a career in investment management within the hedge fund space.

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