Kaitlyn Briggs, Two-Year MBA ’21

Kaitlyn Briggs ’13 (CALS), DVM ’17, is a 2021 MBA candidate in the residential Two-Year MBA program. She is one of the rare “triple reds” in the business school, as she has already received her bachelor’s and doctorate degrees at Cornell University. Prior to returning to Cornell, she practiced production animal veterinary medicine in Michigan. She serves on the boards of the Johnson Food, Beverage and Agribusiness Club, Sustainable Global Enterprise Club, and Wine Club. She is interested in combining her knowledge and passion as a dairy industry veterinarian  with her newfound sustainability and marketing skills from her MBA. Following her MBA, Briggs wants to work to connect consumers to farmers through transparency and authenticity.

A picture of Kaitlyn Briggs holding a box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
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Kaitlyn Briggs writes about her passion for sustainability, the dairy industry and her summer internship in marketing at Kraft Heinz.

Five MBA students pose for a photo
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