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From Music to Amazon and Back: A Q&A with Alexander Horowitz, MBA ’23

Career Corner: Marketing executive Alexander Horowitz pivoted from music and tech marketing to Amazon’s last-mile business—then segued back to music.

upper body shot of Andrew Foley standing on a balcony with trees and buildings in the background.
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Research at the Crossroads of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Network Theory

PhD Spotlight: Johnson School PhD candidate Andrew Foley talks about his research on family business and entrepreneurship.

Lourdes Casanova, Ivan Duque and 16 students standing in a lecture hall, smiling and looking at the camera.
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Insights on Entrepreneurship and Emerging Markets from Former President of Colombia

Iván Duque, president of Colombia 2018-22, visited Cornell Tech and inspired students with insights on entrepreneurship and emerging markets.

A cord of graduates in gowns stand before a sign that says "big red."
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2024 Graduates Reflect On Their Cornell Experience

Congratulations to the class of 2024! Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Graduates share their most memorable moments and learnings

Photo of Carly Chasen wearing a gray Cornell t-shirt and standing in front of Sage Hall.
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Collaborating with Peers Was a Highlight of the Undergrad Experience for Carly Chasen ‘24

As Carly Chasen ’24 graduates and begins her professional journey, she says the Dyson network will be a constant source of encouragement, support, and opportunity.

students studying in sage library.
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Derek Ju, MBA ’24, Reflects on His Cornell Experience

Cornell gave Derek Ju, MBA ’24, the tools and the confidence to be brave and stand up for empathetic leadership.

Tulips in front of a stone wall with a Cornell University sign.
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Josh Figueroa ’24 Reflect On His Dyson School Experience

Josh Figueroa says his Dyson School experience was tremendous because of the curriculum, faculty investment in student learning, and endless professional resources.

A student walks across the Ag Quad at Cornell.
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Zoe Rich ’24 Says Being a Cornellian Means Embracing Excellence And Intellectual Curiosity

Zoe Rich ’24 reflects on her Dyson School experience as she prepares for her next opportunity in NYC.

Warren Hall with flowering trees.
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Matthew Sovik ’24 Reflects On His Dyson School Experience

Matthew Sovik says that without the support he received from the Dyson community, he would not have been the business student that he is today.