A cord of graduates in gowns stand before a sign that says "big red."
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2024 Graduates Reflect On Their Cornell Experience

Congratulations to the class of 2024! Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Graduates share their most memorable moments and learnings

A graphic design treatment of STEM: Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
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Baker Program in Real Estate Announces STEM Designation and +1 Option for Undergrads

The Baker Program announces two developments that enhance the value of its MPS-RE degree and open it up to students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Two students with laptops sit near a window in a coffee shop and interview the manager.
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Students ask, ‘How could reusable coffee cups become standard practice?’

Students at the SC Johnson College of Business proposed a plan for making reusable coffee cups standard practice in Tompkins County.

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100 years of Cornell Hospitality: Alumni Celebrate at Gala

Over 300 alumni of the Nolan School of Hotel Administration walked the red carpet at the 13th annual Icons and Innovators (I&I) Awards gala.

student in mask prepares a cocktail in a auditorium
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Hotel Ezra Cornell Drink Winners Play Up Pineapple

The signature drinks for Hotel Ezra Cornell 97 will feature the humble pineapple, long a symbol of warmth in the hospitality industry.

Featured image of a writer for 5 essential qualities of successful hotel general managers article
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5 essential skills of successful hotel general managers

Becoming a general manager in the hospitality industry is no easy feat. To get where you are today, you no doubt already possess a myriad of unique qualities that have allowed you to rise through the ranks and excel in a position that requires talent, dedication, and leadership ability.

Johnson Women in Business featured image
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Top 10 reasons to apply for Johnson’s Women in Business event

Johnson’s Women in Business event, also known as JWiB, gives prospective women MBAs an opportunity to visit the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University and be among like-minded businesswomen. Our tight-knit community is definitely one to experience firsthand.

Interview Tips
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Interview preparation: My best advice

After five years as a headhunter, eight years as a corporate recruiter, and 15 years as a career coach, here are my best tips for preparing for interviews.

Salary negotiations
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Getting what you want: A few tips on salary negotiation

Up until this time you have been sharing your value and strengths with the company, and letting them know how you will make a contribution.