Amanda Srishima, Two-Year MBA ’21

Amanda Srishima is a second-year MBA student in the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and a recipient of Johnson’s Social Impact Internship Fund. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, she completed an undergraduate dual-degree program in finance and management from the University of Indonesia and University of Melbourne. She then worked in management consulting with Accenture and in corporate banking with Standard Chartered for six years in Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Amanda is passionate about education technology, digital marketing, the public sector, and renewable energy.

A mural featuring the head of an Indonesian man with glasses, wearing a traditional black peci cap, white jacket and black tie surrounded by colorful educational symbols from math and science.
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Improving learning outcomes of 50 million students in Indonesia

Johnson’s Social Impact Internship Fund enabled Amanda Srishima to pursue a summer internship with the Ministry of Education and Culture in Indonesia.