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Illustration of a computer generated hand touching a human hand.
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Cornell Keynotes Podcast: Current Trends in Generative AI Tech

Karan Girotra, a professor at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and Cornell Tech, explains the current capabilities of AI and shares newsworthy updates about the technology on the Cornell Keynotes podcast.

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Dyson BusinessFeed

Research: Technology Is Changing How Companies Do Business

The Cornell Dyson research highlights the importance of businesses staying ahead of the curve in technology. Companies that embrace digital technologies now are likely to be the ones that thrive in the future.

An image of a robot hand shaking the hand of a human.
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Beyond the Present: A Journey to Identify Future Risks Imperiling Humanity

Marcus Lee, MBA ’24, describes his internship at Quantum Risk Analytics, a nonprofit that aims to steer humanity away from unseen perils.

Gage Javier stands on stage in a red business suit with her arm raised, and audience members in the foreground also raise their hands.
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Businesses Should Consider Legal Risks of Artificial Intelligence, Alumna Says

Businesses are quickly adopting AI, but most are not prioritizing conversations about the technology’s legal concerns.

Picture featuring Jason Spillerman '92, P '25, Manging Partner and Founder of Vibrant Development Group, Bryan Siegel, Director of Guest Relations and Experience for LDV Hospitality, and Alex Sambvani, Co-Founder and CEO of
Nolan BusinessFeed

The Future of Restaurants

Thirty restaurant industry professionals and Cornell University academics gather to discuss the future of technology in restaurants.

A picture of a white and mirrored building with European Union countries’ flags on its façade, taken from outdoors at the ground level.
Johnson BusinessFeed

Regulation Comes to AI

AI regulations are emerging globally with the EU leading the way. Are businesses prepared for this new regulatory landscape?

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AI Opens New Frontiers in Finance

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform finance, according to experts at a conference hosted by the SC Johnson College of Business and the University of Oxford.

Vishal Gaur stands with two conference attendees.
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Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Make Management Decisions

AI chatbots can help with customer service, financial transactions, and more. Soon business leaders will use AI to make management decisions.

A man in a suit with a microphone asks a question.
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AI Will Revolutionize Business, Business Education, and Democracy, Experts Say

AI in product development, finance, higher education, and democracy were the topics of discussion at an SC Johnson College of Business conference.