EMI Annual Conference

SAVE THE DATE – November 1, 2024

EMI’s next conference will be on November 1, 2024 – Cornell Tech, NYC

Cornell EMI Corning Case Competition and Cornell EMI Mark Mobius Pitch Competition finals will be on October 25, 2024 – Ithaca, NYC

The last conference was held on November 3, 2023, at Bloomberg Auditorium, Cornell Tech, NYC

Details on the next conference will be found here and you can download the brochure with the last event’s here.


The Conference had nearly 500 attendees, most in person!

Find and download pictures, and visit EMI’s YouTube channel to watch the videos of the day’s event.

Thanks to the speakers, judges, committee, and attendees.

Stay connected to this website to find news about the next conference, which will be held on November 1, 2024

The Cornell Emerging Market Institute Conference is the United States’ leading annual forum for discussing the ongoing trends and phenomena in our world’s rapidly growing emerging markets. Bringing together heads of the world’s largest multilateral institutions and preeminent business, the conference fosters engaging discussions on economic development and this year, specifically, through the lens of global supply chains.

The Conference is hosted at Cornell’s landmark Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City and will feature a variety of key-note speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions, networking sessions, and two sponsored competitions: the Cornell EMI Mark Mobius Pitch Competition and the Cornell EMI Corning Case Competition. The Conference also marks the launch of the Institute’s Annual Report, a collection of research and articles from the past year developed by researchers within Cornell as well as the Emerging Multinationals Research Network in collaboration with OECD Development Center, UNCTAD, IFC, and Inter-American Development Bank.

This year’s conference is centered around the compelling theme Risks and Realignments:

Emerging markets are in flux—no longer the future, already central to the present. And yet Capital is flowing as if there is doubt, with new partnerships dawning, old questions lingering. The EMI Conference straddles the crossroads, here to capture a seminal moment, when crises — even the specters of financial contagion — may not have to threaten us, so much as invite us to think anew. This Conference reaffirms our commitment to building bridges, as risks spill over, as potential realignments draw closer. The conference will hold 4 panels, the Cañizares Award ceremony, and the competition finals:

Cornell University’s Emerging Market Institute held its annual conference on November 3 at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island, NYC.

The Emerging Markets Institute holds an Annual Conference every first Friday of November, in which Emerging Markets are brought to the forefront of discussion. Within the conference, EMI also holds the finals of the and the. Stay connected to the EMI Conference website to find more about the speakers and agenda and follow our newsletter.

Confirmed Speakers

Lourdes Casanova

Gail and Roberto Cañizares Director
Emerging Markets Institute

Joyce Chang

Chair of Research
J.P. Morgan’s Corporate and Investment Bank

Francesco Del Vecchio

Managing Director
Moelis & Company

Rustom Desai

Global Tech Executive, Trusted Board Director, and Educator
Cornell S.C. Johnson College of Business

C. Gökhan Doran

Division Vice President and General Manager
Corning International

Iván Duque

Former President of

Colombia (2018-2022)

Anindo Dutta

Partner, EY Asia Pacific - Markets & Business Development

Heather Henyon

Founding Partner
Mindshift Capital

Andrew Karolyi

Charles Field Knight Dean and Harold Bierman Jr Distinguished Professor of Management
Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Anne Miroux

Faculty Fellow
Emerging Markets Institute

Mark Mobius

Founding Partner
Mobius Capital Partners

Fred Olayele

Director, Sprott Centre for African Research and Business
Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

Juan Pablo Ortega

Co-Founder and CEO at Yuno, Co-Founder of Rappi
Puerto Rico

Lorenzo Pavone

Deputy Head - Networks, Partnerships and Gender Division
OECD Development Centre

Shaanti Shamdasani

CEO & Founder
S. ASEAN International Advocacy & Consultancy – SAIAC

Marcos Troyjo

Former President
New Development Bank

Dr. Edward Tse

Founder and Chairman
Gao Feng Advisory Company

Helen Ye

Gold View PR

Find out the EMI competitions

Annually, EMI holds within the EMI Conference the Cornell EMI Corning Case Competition and the Cornell EMI Mark Mobius Pitch Competition.

  • Cornell EMI Corning Case Competition

The Corning Cornell Case Competition is a key event in the conference. It boosts collaboration among universities and strengthens Johnson’s ties with other academic institutions. Moreover, it speaks to EMI’s focus on international and inter-institutional collaboration. The total prize distributed by the Cornell EMI Corning Case Competition totals $9,000 (all prizes subject to tax withholdings as required by IRS regulations). Find more information by clicking below or accessing case.emiconference.com.

  • Cornell EMI Mark Mobius Pitch Competition

This pitch competition is hosted by the Cornell Emerging Markets Institute and assisted by Cornell Big Red Ventures in the regional finalists’ selection. In 2021, Mark Mobius announced his generous sponsorship of the pitch competition as a learning opportunity for student entrepreneurs to improve their pitching skills. The competition distributes $15,000 in awards (all prizes subject to tax withholdings as required by IRS regulations), find more information by clicking below or accessing pitch.emiconference.com.

Our Sponsors

EMI Conference sponsors: Ada Foundation and Henry Renard, Corning International, Mark Mobius Capital Partners, Cañizares family, and Nell Cady-Kruse

EMI Conference in Numbers

  • 500 Attendees at 2023 EMI Conference
  • 250 In person at Cornell Tech
  • 25 Countries represented from all regions
  • 26K EMI Reports’ visits since then

"I participated in the organizing committee. I was able to learn about the end-to-end process, the guest speakers, topics in ESG and overall innovation in emerging markets."

Yashodhara Neerukonda, Cornell AMBA 2022, EMI Conference Committee member

"The EMI conference was the highlight of our year, and engaging with impactful start-ups from different was inspiring - it challenged us to think about how we can bring positive, lasting impact in our own communities and countries."

Sharwari Pandit, MBA ‘23, EMI Fellow