Structural Transformation of Agriculture and Rural Spaces (STARS)

Structural transformation describes the process by which low-income societies, in which agriculture absorbs most labor and generates most economic output, become high-income societies characterized by a relatively smaller but more productive agricultural sector.

The STARS Fellowship Program pairs early-career researchers with faculty mentors to advance rigorous, policy-oriented research on the causal determinants of productivity and income growth, asset accumulation, rural employment and risk management in agriculture and rural spaces. The core objectives of the program include:

  • Build and reinforce an effective policy research culture among early-career researchers that can help build and sustain research capacity at their institutions beyond the STARS program.
  • Provide mentorship to early-career researchers by Cornell University and other affiliated institution faculty and researchers.
  • Conduct professional development activities to supplement the research process, including trainings, seminars, and feedback sessions.
  • Create an active network of equipped, policy-engaged, collaborative researchers, connected to leading global authorities in the development research space.
  • Heighten the exposure and rigorous analysis of high-quality, publicly available data, such as LSMS-ISA data and other micro-level panel data sets.

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