EMI Fellows

The Emerging Markets Institute Fellows program offers a unique experience for bright and motivated Johnson MBA students to engage in:


To prepare and support business leaders who seek a competitive advantage to become experts in emerging markets.


Requirements to graduate as EMI Fellow vary accordingly to the fellow’s program. Generally, the activities demand the following:

  • Academic credits (Johnson and non-Johnson courses are eligible) on international-content courses
    • 6 credits for 2-Year MBA students
    • 4 credits for Cornell Tech MBA students
  • Study trip or an internship in an emerging market (depending on the program)
  • For non-2-Year MBA and non-Cornell Tech MBA, a capstone project
  • Attending to an annual EMI Conference (held every November)
  • Service EMI (e.g. write an article, organize the EMI Conference/competition, participate in research projects, organize webinars/T-time, being a Chair, other contributions)

For more details about requirements, click here (starts on slide 7).

The current fellows are able to check their requirements’ status on the EMI Canvas group, which the fellows are invited when accepted to the program, at the Assignments tab. When graduating with all the requirements fulfilled, the student graduates as an EMI Fellow.

If you are a fellow, access EMI Fellows Program Canvas page for more information!

For more information, send an email to ContactEMI@Cornell.edu