Kristen Park

Kristen Park

  • Extension Associate

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Interdisciplinary Theme

Faculty Expertise

  • Food Industry Management
  • Food and Agricultural Economics


Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management


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Kristen Park is an extension associate in the Food Industry Management Program at Cornell University. She has an MS in animal science from Michigan State University and an MS in agricultural, resource, and managerial economics from Cornell.

Park conducts applied research on a variety of food marketing issues, most notably for the fresh produce distribution system. She led the development of 11 case studies examining the retail supply chains for multiple, regionally produced foods. Recent projects have examined produce procurement practices around food safety and retailer assessments of minimum wage increases. She also co-authored two chapters in the book Growing Local: Case Studies on Local Food Supply Chains.

Park has researched an extensive census of a multi-country growing region in New York, assessing current and future production of fruits and vegetables, the viability of the food and beverage industry in New York State, and was an author of a series of research projects and reports produced for The Produce Marketing Association, the Fresh Track reports.

Park edits a newsletter series, Smart Marketing, which offers market research updates and advice to the ag communities and also has the privilege of selecting and traveling with Cornell students on various international field trips and trade association conventions.

Selected Publications

  • Clancy, Kate; Bonanno, Alessandro; Canning, Patrick; Cleary, Rebecca; Conrad, Zach; et al. "Using a Market Basket to Explore Regional Food Systems"Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. 7.4 (2017): 163-178
  • Minor, Travis; Rod Hawkes, Gerard; McLaughlin, Edward; Park, Kristen; Calvin, Linda. "Food Safety Requirements for Produce Growers: Retailer Demands and the Food Safety Modernization Act". United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service. EIB-206 (2019): 28pp
  • Park, Kristen; Gomez, Miguel; Clancy, K. "Case Studies of Supermarkets and Food Supply Chains in Low-Income Areas of the Northeast: A Cross Case Comparison of 11 Case Studies"Cornell Extension Bulletin. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University. EB 2018-02 (2018): 20pp
  • Gomez, Miguel; Rod Hawkes, Gerard; Park, Kristen; Yonezawa, Koichi. "Impacts of Recent Increases in Minimum Wage: A Survey of Grocery Retailers in Selected States"Project: Examining the impact of minimum wage changes on employment in grocery retailing, commissioned by the Food Industry Association Executives. Cornell University. (2018)
  • Rod Hawkes, Gerard; Park, Kristen; McLaughlin, Edward. "Retail Strategies, Policies and Practices Implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act". USDA.
  • Gomez, Miguel; McLaughlin, Edward; Park, Kristen. "Case Studies on Local Food Supply Chains: Apple Case Studies in the Syracuse, New York MSA."Comparing the Structure, Size, and Performance of Local and Mainstream Food Supply Chains, Ed. R. King, Ed. M. Hand, Ed. M. G√≥mez. University of Nebraska Press. (2014)

Academic Degrees

  • MS Cornell University, 1999
  • MS Michigan State University, 1986
  • BS Michigan State University, 1982