Suzanne Shu

Suzanne Shu

  • John S. Dyson Professor in Marketing
  • Dean of Faculty and Research

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Interdisciplinary Theme

Faculty Expertise

  • Behavioral Research
  • Decision Making
  • Marketing
  • Retirement Income
  • Behavioral Economics


Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

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Suzanne B. Shu is the John S. Dyson Professor of Marketing at the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management within the SC Johnson College of Business. The types of decisions analyzed in her research include consumer self-control problems and consumption timing issues, with important implications for both negative behaviors (such as procrastination) and positive behaviors (such as saving). Her work on financial decisions has focused specifically on decumulation during retirement (annuities, Social Security claiming) as well as on perceived fairness for financial products.

In the health domain, Shu has worked on grant-funded projects using behavioral economics to encourage hypertension medication adherence, reduce procrastination in mammogram screenings, increase adherence to weight loss programs, and promote colon cancer screenings.

Shu has taught marketing and decision making courses to MBA students at the University of Chicago, Southern Methodist University, INSEAD, and UCLA. She is also an NBER faculty research fellow, holds a joint faculty appointment at the UCLA Medical School, and has been a visiting scholar for several years at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Shu received a PhD from the University of Chicago; she also holds a BS in electrical engineering and masters in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Selected Publications

Awards and Honors

  • UCLA Anderson Dean's Prize (2017) University of California, Los Angeles

Recent Courses

  • AEM 2020/PSYCH 2940 - Better Decisions for Life, Love and Money
  • NBA 6630 - Managerial Decision Making
  • AEM 2420 - Marketing for Dyson Majors
  • NRE 5150 - PhD Seminar in Behavior Marketing
  • NBAW 6340 - Product and Brand Strategies

Academic Degrees

  • PhD Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, 2004
  • MBA Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, 2003
  • MEng College of Engineering, Cornell University, 1992
  • BSEE College of Engineering, Cornell University, 1990