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Persistent questioning of knowledge takes a toll

Dyson Assistant Professor Laura Niemi’s research shows regular exposure to even subtle prejudice and discrimination degrades physical and mental health.

Image of Natalie R. Williams ’86 at the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management Dean’s Distinguished Lecture.
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Dyson Alum Discusses Free Expression, Corporate Responsibility

Corporations are caught in a bind when it comes to social issues, Natalie R. Williams ’86 said during the Dyson School Dean’s Distinguished Lecture.

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Stand By Your Group: Loyalty Can Blur Ethics Line

Loyalty to a group vs. an individual was more effective in eliciting followers’ compliance with unethical requests, research by Angus Hildreth found.

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“Is it sustainable?” COVID-19 points to the value of asking big questions to inform planning resilience and social justice

COVID-19 underscores firms’ need for planning resilience, disproportionate impacts on poorer populations, and our interconnectedness.

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Under the Influence: How behavioral contagion can drive positive social change

Others’ choices affect our own and have enormous economic, social, and environmental consequences, argues Robert H. Frank in his new book.

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A nonpartisan approach to fixing the politics industry

Ethics lecturer Katherine Gehl advocates for political innovations like ranked choice voting to break partisan gridlock.

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Ethical Fashion

A global fashion revolution calls for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the industry. Cornellians are stepping up to drive change.

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The character of conscience

You can help yourself to act virtuously in your personal and professional life by acknowledging that you are vulnerable to mistakes in moral judgement.

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Ethics speaker Kristin Behfar: Effective team leadership is ethical leadership

Kristin Behfar, PhD ’03, professor at U.S. Army War College, sees effectively leading a high-performing team as a manager’s ethical responsibility.