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Donnie Hampton, Two-Year MBA 19, and partner Emily Hampton celebrate their choice to go to Johnson with a trip to Disney World
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For partners of MBAs, DJ (and Joint Ventures!) is a must

Emily Hampton, partner of Two-Year MBA ’19, stresses the importance of Destination Johnson and provides insight into the partner experience in Ithaca.

Taylor Fox, Two-Year MBA '19 enjoying a sunny day at Buttermilk Falls State Park
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Park Perspectives: 3 tips for maintaining long-distance relationships during business school

Distance is tough, but with these tips from Taylor Fox you can better maintain your long-distance relationship and even deepen it while at business school.

Photo of a group at the ice rink
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My partner is going to b-school. How do I survive?

How do we survive when our partner is completing their MBA? For me, it was three things: getting connected, making friends, and remembering this is temporary.

Photo of Abby, Cynthia, and Carlos at the Cornell Homecoming football game
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Family expansion: From 3 to 300+ in less than a year

If you are reading this, maybe you have already Googled “best MBA for families” or “best MBA cities for families.” Well, let me tell you my story and how my family grew from three to 300+ people.